corporate culture

Edificar maintains from its beginnings a culture focused on its customer. The fundamental bases of the company are transparency, teamwork, use of technology and careful previous planning that aims to minimize contingencies in the projects. The staff is chosen in a thorough way, looking for people with the correct skill and mindset that can adhere to the company´s values.

Edificar maintains a high standard in terms of staff training and the correct transmission of knowledge and experience between team members.

To achieve a successful completion of a project, we try to understand our client´s needs, their business, and the final objective for the projects we build.

Principles that rule our act

We serve with a permanent enthusiasm in what we do and with clear policies, which are transmitted to all levels of the company:

  • The safety and well-being of our employees is always our priority.
  • We work under high ethical standards.
  • We offer our clients a fair, open and sincere treatment.
  • We stablish long-term relationships with our clients, through their satisfaction with our work.
  • We promote teamwork with consultants, project managers and owners.
  • We are committed with environmental protection.

Our values distinguis us

We base the Company’s culture on values that have been applied since the foundation:




Quality and Service:
we do and give more




Planning, Flexibilitey
and Teamwork


Personal Quality
and Stability


Social Responsability
and Community Service

Policies that set us appart

Having an Excellent work team full people highly committed to our values and principles makes us effective and strong in the market. Our internal policies reaffirm this commitment and monitor compliance at all levels of the organization.

Quality Assurance Policy:

The satisfaction of each client will be the measure of the quality for Edificar. Our Quality Management System, is certified under the ISO 9001 standard since 2005 and currently meets the requirements of the 2015 version.

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Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

Edificar actively monitors compliance with occupational safety standars at all levels. Through the consultation and participation of all workers, efforts are made to maintain safe and healthy work environments, eliminating hazards and reducing the risk on all construction activities. Edificar´s Work Safety and Health Management program has been certified since 2006 under the OSHAS 18001-2007 standard; and since July 2018 Edificar is the first ISO 40001-2018 Certified Construction Company.

Policy against Sexual Harassment:

Edificar promotes the importance of working in a environment of respect and free from any sexual harassment manifestation.

Other Policies:

In Edificar, we are committed to the continuous improvement of quality, health and work safety. In order to meet the internal and external expectations, all activities will be carried out in compliance with our standards and procedures for occupational safety and quality, and in accordance with local legislations and other applicable requirements. The Company has several policies including: the prevention of discriminatory behavior, prevention of drug and alcohol use, prevention of sexual harassment behavior in the workplace, copyright and invention rights, relationship with suppliers, among others.


As part of our corporate social responsibility, Edificar in alliance with Fundación Horizonte Positivo, launched a new program called EDIFICAR IMPULSA. Through innovative tools like IPM (Multidimensional Poverty Index), this program seeks to improve and strengthen the quality of life for our employees and their families.

Certifications and Awards

Edificar is a differentiated company in its industry; as a result of its strict adherence to ethics, its resilience, and its people. These advantages are reflected in the certifications, awards and memberships that the company has receive since its foundation in 1984.


ISO 9001
ISO 45001
Carbono Neutro


Bandera Azul Ecológica
Premios CEMEX St. Jude Medical, Four Seasons Ballroom
Premio Preventico INS 2004
LEED Edificio 3855 Panamá Pacífico LEED Gold
Award for Safety Performance, Abbott Labs
LEED Instituto Técnico Superior del Este, Panamá LEED Gold


El uso de sistemas innovadores y de la última tecnología disponible se combinan con los controles y procedimientos rigurosos para aportar valor agregado y mejorar las cosas.

costruccion virtual
construcción Virtual
gestion proceso
Gestión del Proceso Constructivo
Tecnologia soporte
Tecnología de soporte

Construcción Virtual

Edificar cuenta con un robusto departamento permanente de Construcción Virtual que da apoyo a nuestros proyectos en las etapas de Preconstrucción y Construcción.

Este departamento cuenta con personal debidamente capacitado y certificado para acompañar al cliente en sus necesidades BIM y optimizar los resultados de la implementación en los distintos proyectos.

Desde la Gerencia de Construcción Virtual, un equipo integrado por Ingenieros de Construcción Virtual, Coordinadores de Modelado y Modeladores dan soporte a los distintos requerimientos de cada proyecto.

Gestión del Proceso Constructivo

Empleamos las mejores plataformas para la gestión de los procesos y documentos de los proyectos

Tecnologías de Soporte

Constantemente evaluamos la implementación de nuevas herramientas de tecnología que agregan valor al proceso constructivo